About HourVoice

Want to learn more about your rights, track your hours, and make sure you're being paid properly? HourVoice is for you.

A leader in the effort to fight wage theft in Illinois and a strong voice for hourly workers in a digital age, HourVoice is the innovative online tool for hourly workers to rate their employers, find better ones, track their hours, and learn about their rights.

With HourVoice, all workers with a smartphone or internet access can easily evaluate their employers on key issues, including:

  • wages
  • benefits
  • scheduling
  • working conditions
  • equity and respect at the workplace.

The confidential feedback workers share holds employers accountable and uses transparency and "big data" to identify challenges that workers face in their store, restaurant, or factory. Employers who receive positive feedback benefit by being more attractive to potential employees and customers. HourVoice helps ensure that work pays and that employers who do right by their employees are rewarded for their good behavior.

Learn more at: hourvoice.com

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